Chabad Foshan House is happy to have you for Shabbat & Holiday meals.
We don’t charge anything for Shabbat & Holiday Services and you are welcome to join our amazing community.

Foshan Chabad House prepares for Shabbat & Holiday dinners, and Lunch every weekend / holiday.

We try and make the Shabbat & Yom Tov experience as enjoyable as possible with songs, stories, divrei Torah, plenty of drinks and delicious food.

Foshan Chabad Jewish Center does not receive any funding from abroad.
Donations help us to cover our activities and Shabbat Service for the public.
We appreciate your support in our community with your donation!


We recommend registering for the Shabbat service in advance. (Free of charge!)
Please contact us before Shabbat & Holiday times ( See our zemanim here ).

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