A Mikvha in Foshan China

Chabad CHina Mikve Foshan Guangzhou

In the heart of China’s industrial hub, within the Jewish community in Foshan, a shared desire emerged – a mikveh of purity.

Amidst cultural richness and joyous celebration, the missing goal was glaringly apparent.

The community, determined to preserve its traditions and praying for divine guidance, united in purpose – their struggle for a mikveh leading them on a journey of hope and perseverance, together.

With gratitude and joy, the community embarked on a search for suitable locations and properties, and a generous donor to financial support and steadfast assistance to build the long-awaited mikveh in Foshan – a symbol of their unity and commitment to their faith.


Chabad China Foshan Mikve Guangzhou

Chabad China Foshan Mikve Guangzhou

There is currently no Mikvah in Foshan.

There is a river with clear water 10 minutes away from the Chabad house for the Tevila for mens.

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