From ceramic tiles to sanitary ware, lighting fixtures, and beyond, these markets cater to every aspect of home decoration and construction needs. Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, contractor, or architect, you’ll find an extensive selection of high-quality products and materials to fulfill your project requirements. With Foshan being a renowned hub for home decor and building materials, these markets offer a one-stop destination for sourcing top-notch products and staying updated with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Furniture markets :

A huge furniture market in China and one of the largest furniture wholesale markets in the world. The furniture market is located in an area called Lechong – about 20 minutes drive from the Foshan Chabad house.
“Shonda-Lechong” market is a world-class furniture commercial center. Every year in March and August, DRAGON FURNITURE FAIR exhibitions are held here, attracting customers from all over the world.

“Furniture City” – close to 3000 factories in the Shonda neighborhood – a furniture manufacturing center in China. Here you can find high quality furniture in every style and every taste – modern, antique, classic, for home and office, bedrooms and kitchen. In addition, the window and door industry is developed in the city. The market itself is made up of huge amounts of commercial centers for furniture, the most famous of which is “Louvre”. The selection of furniture is so vast that no market you know can compare to it. At the same time, such a huge selection of products makes it difficult to present information about the furniture, but be sure – here you can find an answer to every request and the most refined and creative wish. The prices of furniture in China are at least 3 times lower than the prices in your market, the savings are especially intensified when buying medium and higher furniture.

The Louvre Furniture market / Shopping mall
(Fóshān Lúfúgōng Jiājù Shìchǎng)

The Lovre Furniture Market in Foshan, with its impressive infrastructure, attracts over a million visitors annually, making it a bustling hub of activity. With over 2,000 suppliers and stores, the market offers a wide variety of furniture styles, ranging from traditional designs to avant-garde creations. Renowned for its quality and innovation, the market showcases over 10,000 unique furniture items, ensuring that every visitor finds something to suit their taste. With its strategic location and global visibility, the market serves as a meeting point for furniture enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world. Whether you’re seeking classic elegance or contemporary creativity, the Lovre Furniture Market in Foshan promises an unforgettable shopping experience, guaranteed by quality, variety, and support.

Trading centers for Ceramics and Sanitary
佛山陶瓷城 (Fóshān táo cí chéng)

The shopping center is in the heart of Foshan. The 5-story center with an area of 130,000 square meters was opened only in 2002, but thanks to showrooms of Chinese suppliers and international manufacturers such as TOTO, GRONE, AMERICAN STANDARD, WMK, APOLLO, BENTLEY, it was very successful until today.
Products presented in this market belong to the medium and higher category. The main variety – all types of ceramics, plumbing, showers and decorative ceramic products.

Ceramic markets

(Fóshān Huáxià táo cí bólǎn chéng)

Huaxia Ceramic Exposition City in Foshan, China, is a premier destination for ceramic enthusiasts and industry professionals. With expansive exhibition halls and vibrant marketplaces, it offers a diverse range of ceramic products, from tiles to pottery. The city serves as a hub for business networking and trade opportunities, attracting buyers, suppliers, and stakeholders worldwide. Renowned for its ceramic heritage, Foshan provides a strategic location for sourcing, collaboration, and market insights in the ceramic industry. Huaxia Ceramic Exposition City is an essential destination for those seeking innovation and expertise in traditional and contemporary ceramic design.

Various meetings, seminars, conferences and festivals on ceramics are held in the building of this complex.



(Shíwān zhī yè táo cí shìchǎng)

The Shiwan Zhi Ye Ceramics Market in Foshan is a prominent hub for ceramic trade and commerce. Renowned for its rich heritage in ceramic craftsmanship, the market offers a diverse range of ceramic products, from traditional to contemporary designs. With its strategic location and extensive selection, it attracts buyers and traders from across the globe, facilitating lucrative business opportunities. Renowned for its quality and variety, the market serves as a focal point for industry professionals seeking high-quality ceramics. Its vibrant atmosphere and competitive prices make it a preferred destination for both domestic and international buyers in the ceramics industry.


Sanitray market
Casa Ceramics and Sanitary ware Mall

(Fóshān Kǎsà táo cí wèiyù shāngchéng

Foshan Casa Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Mall stands as a premier destination for ceramic and sanitary ware sourcing in Foshan, China. With its vast array of products from leading manufacturers, the mall caters to the discerning needs of retailers, designers, and contractors alike. Boasting a modern and efficient layout, it offers a seamless procurement experience, supported by knowledgeable staff and comprehensive customer service. Whether one seeks high-quality ceramic tiles, bathroom fixtures, or decorative accessories, Casa Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Mall provides a one-stop solution for all sanitary ware and ceramic sourcing needs.

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