The Foshan Chabad Synagogue was established in 2018 and is managed by Rabbi Gadi Louzon.

The synagogue serves as a warm and supportive home for the local community, travelers, and business people from all over the world.



In the synagogue, there is a rich library that is open to all guests.


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Shacharit: 8:00 am
Mincha and Maariv: with sunset


Mincha: Candlelighting time
Maariv: 7:00 pm followed by Seudat Shabbat

Shacharit: 10:00 am followed by Kiddush & Seuda
Mincha: 16:00
Maariv: 30 minutes after Shabbat ends and immediately Havdalah and Seudat Melave Malka

Our Thora Scrolls

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