At Chabad Foshan location, operates a unique Kosher grocery store. with  dedication extends beyond mere oversight;

it’s a commitment to providing a haven for Kosher-observant Jewish individuals in Foshan, where, although few international chain stores exists that carry products from around the world that are Kosher (Many of them bear popular Kosher symbols such as the OU or OK. ) – such options are scarce and far between.

The Chabad Foshan Rabbi – by himself prominent figures in the world of kosher certifications, together his wife the rabitzen which is responsible for the sourcing, are combining their expertise as for top-level kosher certification bodies, they ensure that every product meets the highest standards of kashrut. they curate a diverse selection of kosher food and items sourced globally kosher products such as meat, poultry, spices, jams, sauces   and everything else  from Israeli snacks to Argentinian Kosher meet that is imported in special containers. Items from the US Canada New Zealand Australia Thailand and actually everywhere else possible are added to the assortment .

The Chabad Foshan grocery store store serves as more than just a place for buying food for your fridge; it’s a community hub where people can connect, share stories, and celebrate their shared commitment to maintaining a Jewish lifestyle and with the essential kosher dietary practices.

Example Items assortment

Meat and poultry


Note – availability of product may vary Contact us for details

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