Chabad Foshan Preschool

At Chabad House preschool, our curriculum blends play with Jewish values to nurture holistic development. Structured lessons cover 3  languages ( Hebrew, English, Chinese ) , Chasidic studies and traditions, Match and art, complemented by music, movement, and outdoor activities. Children explore their interests through hands-on experiences, building critical thinking skills, and strengthening their inner Jewish spark .

Our Judaic studies introduce Jewish holidays, customs, and traditions, fostering Jewish identity and sense of community. Through storytelling and various activities , we instill important Jewish values like kindness and respect, all in both English and Hebrew. With experienced educators and a warm atmosphere, Chabad House preschool provides a foundation for lifelong learning and a love of Judaism in in all languages and environments.

Chabad Foshan School

At Chabad House elementary school, our curriculum blends academic rigor with Jewish values to cultivate well-rounded students. Core subjects like language arts, math, science, and social studies are enriched with hands-on projects, field trips, and extracurricular activities. Students explore Jewish heritage through Hebrew language classes, Torah studies, Holiday celebrations, More advanced Chasidic Studies and of course all the Mitzvas and Obligations.

Our dedicated teachers provide personalized attention, guiding students to reach their full potential academically, socially, and spiritually. With a supportive environment and a focus on character development, Chabad House elementary school offers a dynamic education that prepares students for success in both secular and Judaic studies, nurturing lifelong learners with a deep connection to their Jewish heritage that will grow to be proud Jewish with a lot of Mitzvos





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