Mission Statement

The mission at Chabad Foshan is to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride, and observance, by providing educational, cultural, and social activities to all Jewish individuals and families regardless of background or affiliation.

The Chabad Foshan Story

Foshan is a medium city in relation to the Hugh numbers of china, but it is also significantly important as it is a serious and influential industrial hub that focuses on various cardinal industries and it is considered the heart of the Chinese, and in fact, worldwide manufacturing in a multitude of sectors.

The Jewish community in Foshan was very small, fragmented, and dispersed due to the geographical spread of the city, and in 2015 founded the Foshan Jewish center ( FJC) but despite several trials and overall goodwill could not find the right spiritual and energetic factors to unite it and lead the community to a vibrant level of Jewish lifestyle.

in 2019, a young couple, who already lived in Guangzhou for several years answered the Community prayer and arrived in Foshan with a dream: to reach and help out to fellow Jews who might be unaffiliated, who might be disconnected from their heritage and their faith, who might want to learn about what it means to be Jewish through educational, cultural, social and spiritual activities in a warm, non-judgmental, supportive community. And so, Chabad Foshan was born, one of over three thousand similar worldwide Chabad Centers.

Rabbi Gadi louzon and his wife Avigayil started their first Chabad House in their own livingroom, at Ling-nan Tian-Di di at the heart of the city of Foshan.  they opened their doors and celebrated their first Shabbos with only a few guests, Foshan Jews who were pleasantly surprised by a dinner invitation from their community’s energetic new rabbi and rebbitzen. In a few months, there were 25 people for High Holiday services and A few weeks later, over fifty people showed up for the Shabbat service and Shabbos 4 meals that has become legendary with abundant delicacies of the rebbitzen Avigayil. Soon, they were gathering a stable minyan for almost every Shabbat.

By building strong relationships in a city that used to be very unwelcoming to Jewish lifestyle they have energized the small community and were always there to provide spiritual support, delicious and abundant kosher food, and religious services free of charge to anyone who needed them. Rabbi Louzon and Avigail still feed us all, physically and spiritually, and now with 5 beautiful children they still open their home and their hearts to all of us.

Chabad Foshan serves one of the most intimate Jewish communities in China, and is certainly one of the most diverse Chabad Houses. The Louzons serve the young and the old, singles and families, travelers and businessmen, semi-locals and passers-by Russians, Israelis, French, Italians, Germans Latinos, converts, and children – all of whom share a common faith and a common goal: to connect through Judaism to each other, to our heritage, to ourselves, and to Hasehm itself.

We wish you and our entire community continued blessings. May the past year be only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, as together we help Judaism to thrive in this extraordinary corner of the world, and hasten the coming of Moshiach with every mitzvah.


Chinese address:

English address:
Chabad Jewish House of Foshan China
2nd Floor, Shop P1, No. 6 Zhaoxiang Road,
Chancheng District, Foshan City, GD, China

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Contact details:
Rabbi Gadi Louzon
Mobile: +86-13922173770

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